Could autonomous vehicles solve the hours of service issue

Posted by admin on Feb 10, 2014 8:11:00 AM

There has been congressional hearings on autonomous vehicles (Driver-less trucks). There is allot of discussion on this issue, could this solve a driver shortage problem? Could this solve then hours of service issue? Will this cut back on Tractor Trailer faulty accidents? Could a driver less truck enter Route 80 in New Jersey and travel to California and only have to stop long enough at a fueling station located within easy access to the interstate? 

A number of companies are already using driver less cars in California, Nevada and Florida, and they have already proven to be accident free. Guess who one of the owners of autonomous cars are? It's Google. Let's not forget they are also talking about driver less trains, would this most recent tragic accident in NY occurred if it was a driver less train. Finally it's not stopping there, pilot less air planes are open for discussion as well. I'm not talking about "Drones", Amazon, UPS and FedEx already have there eye on these new delivery vehicles. You say you want your product delivered in a couple of hours? Not a problem, they already have an industry term for this "Omni-Channel". I think it's comfortable to say times are changing, does any of the issues discussed have an effect on your supply chain.

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