Steps Shippers Can Take to Become "Trucker Friendly"

Posted by admin on Oct 17, 2014 2:10:00 AM

In times of tight equipment availability taking steps to accommodate a carrier can go a long way in ensuring timely and consistent pick ups and deliveries. The most obvious and perhaps simplest to initiate is getting the driver in and out of your facility as quickly as possible. The Owner-Operators Independent Drivers Association, - OOIDA, has stated detention is the "biggest productivity or efficiency problem in the industry". For asset based carriers detention is even more costly. On average, detention costs do not cover the realized expense of delaying a piece of equipment, related personnel and customers. In addition the collection of detention fees is always contentious. One suggestion for shippers and receivers is to request from the driver or dispatch an automated email or text from the trucks satellite system when their 90 minutes out, or whatever time frame fits your planning window. This time can allow you to clear a dock and assign that space to that particular truck. This can save the driver from parking somewhere and walking in to ask where he should back in. In the case of appointed pickups and deliveries, these technology alerts can also be helpful regarding planning for delays. Improving the timing of drivers can also aid in the staging of freight. Another simple, but often overlooked, idea is to provide a comfortable driver waiting area. A TV, wireless internet access and coffee maker are low cost accomodations that may take a drivers mind off the clock. These guys don't ask for much. Treat them well with a little respect and you'll find them coming back.

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