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Comprehensive Logistics and Supply-Chain Management Solutions

If your company is in need of a comprehensive logistics solution but lacks the internal resources necessary to execute effectively Land-Link can provide the answer. Assessment, analytics, recommendations, solutions design and deployment of best practices drives the process. A unique combination of daily operational support, logistics management, supply-chain consultation, and technologies are combined uniquely for the client in order to achieve specific organizational goals and objectives.

Transportation (Freight) Service

Land-Link can provide reasonably priced and dependable transportation of your materials and finished goods.

  • Domestic and International
  • Ground, Air, and Ocean
  • LTL, Volume, Truckload, LCL, and Full Containers
  • Standard and Expedited Services
  • Specialized services such as HAZMAT, Temp Control, and White-Glove, etc.




Freight and Logistics Management

Land-Link can provide comprehensive solutions and operational support for your unique logistics requirements and most difficult of challenges.

  • All solutions and support processes are unique and customized.
  • We utilize the optimal balance of operational support and technologies to help you meet your objectives.
  • Outbound, Inbound, and Warehouse freight management programs
  • Reverse logistics
  • One-time / Special projects



Freight Bill Audit and Payment, along with effective, audit and payment processes fully compliment and further strengthen a well designed and executed freight management process by securing “the back door” of the transaction.
  • Eliminate carrier overcharges and overpayments
  • Dramatically decrease processing costs
  • Leverage collected data and support sound business decisions.
  • Effectively support carrier RFPs and accurate Freight Accruals.
  • Eliminate financial leakage by closing the back door to the transaction

Supply-Chain Consultation

  • Competitive Advantage through an Effective Supply Chain
  • Eliminate distribution bottle-necks and improve product flow.
  • Increase fill rate and reduce order lead time.
  • Improve customer “score cards” through improved performance.
  • Mode selections, Service level determinations, Warehouse location studies, Port of entry decisions, etc.
  • Procurement to Production to Final Delivery, we can assist and interact with all major areas of your supply chain.


Analytics, Metrics, and Key Indicators

  • Facilitate and support sound business decisions
  • Leveraging data collected via the freight audit process to drive important measurements.
  • Provision of key-critical KPIs that are directly tied to corporate goals and objectives so that progress can be assessed.
  • Ad-Hoc / One-time special analyses to support the making of important business decisions.
  • Dynamic Dashboard Technologies. The power of KPIs at your finger tips.


White Glove SERVICE

  • Expedited, White Glove and special pickup services
  • Product, Furniture, Fixture, and Visual Merchandising transport provided
  • High Value Fragile items, Packaging, Crating, Blanket wrap also available
  • Season End Returns, Warehouse and Store Transfers
  • Store Closings and Content Disposal
  • New Store Openings Covering Every Phase From Construction to Opening Day
  • Global Door to Door Service on Imports, Exports, Air and Ocean Transportation


Other Services

Land-Link is able to offer its clients a large array of diversified services such as:

  • Routing Guides, Carrier RFPs, and Negotiation
  • QC interface (Receiving/QC/AP)
  • Chargeback mitigation and process
  • Pallet, Container, Inventory, and Warehouse consultation
  • P.O. Management
  • Customized Technologies and Optimization
  • Special projects





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The logistics industry, transportation market place, and general economy are undergoing unprecedented and historic changes. Underlying market forces and the need to accommodate the ever increasing demands of your customer base are imposing additional strains on your company’s supply chain. What are your options? Find out through an initial assessment conducted by Land-Link.

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