Maintaining an effective freight and logistics management process for your company is essential. The ability to sustain the benefits associated with an effective process over time is critical, and can only be achieved through deploying a solution that is able to react appropriately and quickly to changes as they occur in the market place. We all know that the transportation market, customer expectations, and the general economy are ever changing, so why would one believe that a static solution would be capable of sustaining the desired benefits over time? Land-Link offers its clients a wide range of solutions and outsourcing opportunities that are customized to meet your needs and to help your company achieve its goals within an ever-changing business environment. Some of the programs and services that we offer include:

  • Outbound freight management programs
  • Inbound freight management programs
  • Reverse logistics and returns programs
  • Continuous shuttle and warehouse transfer programs
  • Pooled distribution and route management
  • Private fleet management integration
  • Special distribution projects such as year-end buy backs, recalls, new openings, etc.
  • Dray programs and multi-modal solutions
  • Customer order and Purchase order control
  • Related technologies
  • In-sourcing, Out-sourcing, and hybrid solutions
  • Etc., Etc., Etc.

Land-Link’s unique approach utilizing the optimal combination of outsourced support and technologies gives us the ability to integrate our logistics and freight management solutions seamlessly into your organization based on your requirements.

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