Finding Cost Savings In Your Routing Program

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People, process, and technology; these are three elements that leaders focus on when looking to make impactful changes in their organization.  Regardless of what department you are looking to improve, it is vital to hire the logistics firm with the appropriate leadership and industry experience and record of success.

Finding Cost Savings In Your Routing Program


When it comes to transportation, the people at Land Link Traffic Systems are industry experts.  Senior management has a combined 75 years of transportation and logistics experience, and a proven track record of saving clients money on their freight spending. Land Link personnel use their experience to conduct a strategic audit that helps define the current state of a transportation operation. The audit will define the current routing program, outline the future plan, and estimate the potential return on investment. Land Link may employ several tactics including process redesign, IT modifications, and management or organizational adjustments. 


While conducting a strategic assessment of the transportation operation, Land Link personnel will be looking for ways to create cost reductions while improving service levels where possible.  A successful freight audit is one that is driven by historical data.  A review of a batch of recent freight bills is the place to start. This review will focus on carrier pricing, commodity packaging and carrier lanes. Data collected from this review will be used to identify cost saving opportunities by routing improvements, lead-time revisions or freight packaging protocol. 


Logistics technology in today's environment is the most advanced in industry history, allowing for real time electronic communication from shipper to consignee to 3rd party provider. Data entry parameters are defined based upon shipment size and destination. When the shipment details are entered, these parameters rout the shipment to the most efficient carrier automatically. At Land Link Traffic Systems, our technology system routs each shipment the most efficient mode possible while maintaining shipment status updates throughout the trip. 

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