Lost hours of driving time cost shippers more than money

Posted by admin on Feb 10, 2014 8:07:00 AM

Lost hours of driving time cost shippers more than money. The new hours of service are disrupting delivery windows concerning appointed freight. The high service expectations are changing. Distribution centers were built around how many hours a driver could drive, now less hours and less miles means not meeting those original expectations. 

There are many other issues that we regularly hear about that are going to have a future impact. They say that a simple increase of 3% increase of GDP will show just how bad a driver shortage can get. Then we have new requirements of driver certification and what I believe to be an issue is the fact you can not drive a Tractor Trailer till the age of 21. Yes, safety is definitely an issue, but how do you come up with a compromise to consider the fact that a graduate from High School is not going to wait 4 years to start his/her career.

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