Tips to Maximize Your 3PL Relationship

Posted by Land Link on May 1, 2019 3:15:36 PM


collaboration lLThere is little doubt that today's consumers are the most particular in recent generations. They want it fast and they want it accurate. The pressure is on logistics managers to maintain higher levels of efficiency than ever before. We'll touch on a few ways to synchronize your relationship with your 3PL to maximize results.

Commit to the Relationship

Outsourcing the operational duties of your supply chain does not eliminate the need for managerial oversight by the shipper. Enhancing the synergy between shipper and 3PL can have a positive effect on performance. Some of the more progressive companies have developed a new position of 3PL relationship manager. The position is specifically designed to integrate planning, analytics and communication between logistics management and the 3PL support staff. Thereby creating a seamless communication line for real time information flow.

Schedule Regular Collaboration Meetings

The logistics business is very fluid from day to day. Operational hiccups are part of the landscape and are generally more a tactical challenge than a significant issue in the supply chain. Regular meetings can be used to address requirements for the supply chain protocols moving forward; forecasted order volumes, special projects and other daily business issues. These scheduled meetings should be for periodic strategic reviews. These are meetings where you leave yesterday’s fires behind and focus solely on big picture issues; the state of your business, logistics strategies to support business priorities, and the overall state of the relationship. 

KPI's; Our Founders Favorite Topic

Many years ago, the founder of Land-Link Traffic Systems Inc. stressed the following. “What does not get measured, does not get fixed”. It would be difficult if not impossible for any rational person to repudiate this thought-provoking statement and important underlying principle of business. Yet, many companies do just that. Most companies, in fact, do not have the proper measurements and KPIs in place necessary to drive intelligent business decisions and to serve as support to the policies that are relied upon to drive day to day business activities.

Do not be one of those companies! Land-Link can help you support your business and gain and maintain competitive advantage through effective performance measurements.  

  • Leverage the data collected as a result of Land-Link’s freight audit and payment process.  At last count, approximately 130 data elements are collected for every processed transaction, inclusive of a downloaded Bill of Lading record.
  • Data-base management
  • Support of Key Performance Indicators deemed important by your organization.
  • Ongoing measurement and reporting
  • Ad-Hoc and One-time special analytics supported
  • ACCESS Database and customized reporting
  • Dynamic Dashboard Technologies designed to put the power of analytics and KPI reporting right at your finger tips, an exciting and innovative departure from typical, static structured “reports”.

Develop a Long-Term Relationship

If, after a reasonable time your 3PL has performed as promised take steps to develop a long-term business relationship. Supply Chain, Logistics, and Transportation Management are what Land-Link is all about! Since 1978 we’ve been providing our clients with innovative and highly effective solutions, technologies, and outsourced support that drive cost efficiencies and improved service levels for our clients and their customers. Deployment of best practices, years of experience, advanced technologies, and most importantly, an unfettered commitment to customer service excellence are at the core of our success and that of our valued clients.

The Strategic Partnerships that we have forged and developed over the years with global technology providers, asset-based carriers, freight forwarders, NVOCCs, and customs agents have provided Land-Link with its ability to truly be the “One-Stop-Shop” for all of your Supply Chain, Logistics, and Transportation needs.

Getting the Most from Your 3PL Relationship

This relationship is really a compilation of the things we discussed.  Trust, communication, measurable performance initiatives and a trusted customer relationship. With over 200 years of collective experience in the areas of Supply Chain, Logistics, and Transportation Management, and Technologies Land-Link’s management team and staff of professionals are well positioned to provide the guidance and support that you need to gain and maintain competitive advantage within your industry through successful execution of your supply chain and logistics programs. Contact us today for a review of your existing supply chain protocols.