Emerging Warehouse Technologies To Improve Efficiency

Posted by Land Link Traffic Systems on Apr 29, 2021 7:48:07 PM

Warehouse technologies can directly impact one of the most critical strategic goals and differentiators for logistics organizations; warehouse efficiency. If warehouse operations run inefficiently , the business is forced to increase its workforce and overhead to maintain high service levels. 

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Dissecting the Biden Infrastructure Bill

Posted by Land Link Traffic Systems on Apr 7, 2021 12:41:22 PM

President Biden introduced a $2 trillion plan on Wednesday to overhaul and upgrade the nation’s infrastructure, calling it a transformational effort that could create the “most resilient and innovative economy in the world”.

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Cargo Ship "Ever Given" Freed From The Beach

Posted by Land Link Traffic Systems on Mar 31, 2021 8:24:42 AM

The massive cargo ship Ever Given has been freed from the shores of the Suez Canal after 6 days of complete traffic blockage. Over the weekend, 14 tugboats pulled and pushed the Ever Given at high tide to try to dislodge it and were able to move the ship "30 degrees from left and right".

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Restarting The U.S. Economy

Posted by Land Link Traffic Systems on Mar 17, 2021 9:23:05 AM

Clearly domestic manufacturing is reviving slowly but surely from the aftermath of Covid-19.  A significant percentage of the country is vaccinated with the vast majority expected to be immunized by summer. Although we may still have Covid related restrictions in place for some time to come we can still get back to work…or can we. It’s interesting to consider the effects of the past year on everyone. It depends on how you spent the time. Some stayed in game shape, some didn’t. Some worked from home as effectively as possible. Some went on a year long vacation. The generous, and necessary, government assistance was critical during the pandemic but at what cost. Those who were on vacation may have a difficult time when the unemployment is exhausted and rental and mortgage forbearance programs run their course. It’s going to come down to who stayed in game shape during the break. Another consideration is how many jobs will rebound. And of those, how many will remain a remote location position.

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What Freight Transportation Will Look Like Beyond 2021

Posted by Land Link Traffic Systems on Mar 11, 2021 8:48:47 AM

Technology is affecting transportation modes through the roads, sky and water. Advancements in speed and efficiency , however may come at some cost.

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Autonomous Vehicles Gaining Traction In Logistics

Posted by Land Link Traffic Systems on Feb 24, 2021 10:47:29 AM

It is expected the logistics industry will adopt self-driving vehicles much faster than most other industries. The primary concern for automated motorized vehicles is personnel and property damage liability. Secure areas and minimal personnel mitigate liability risks creating ideal conditions for an automated environment. Also, the grid design of a typical warehouse makes for generally simplified navigation of an automated forklift, for example. The limited and repetitive tasks required to stack and transport pallets does not require complicated programming and sophisticated hardware. With these considerations in mind, it’s possible that a warehouse may be the ideal environment for a completely automated storage and distribution facility. Most high-volume warehouse facilities today have some degree of autonomous technology in use. It may require a leap of faith to go to 100% automation. 

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Can The Biden Administration Fix Our Infrastructure?

Posted by Land Link Traffic Systems on Jan 7, 2021 8:19:16 AM

America’s roads, bridges and tunnels are crumbling at an alarming rate. Every 4 years the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), an organization made up of over 150,000 civil engineers, gives the United States an “infrastructure report card". The organization gave the U.S. a grade of “D+ in its most recent evaluation. This grade is an improvement from the previous one. The effects of failing infrastructure and the need for the federal government to improve it are obvious, yet why isn’t the government doing anything? There is little disagreement in Washington that repairs are critically needed. The slow response is mostly a combination of trying to secure funding and the snail’s pace at which our federal government moves.

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Maximize Your 3PL Relationship

Posted by Land Link Traffic Systems on Dec 23, 2020 5:58:23 AM

Today's consumers may be more demanding than ever. They know what they want, and moreover, they want it fast. Sometimes I wonder if they really need it that fast or is it simply the mindset of the new generation of consumer. In an extensive career in the expedited freight market I was surprised to find how many receivers were not in a hurry at all for the product that their suppliers spent triple the money to ship expedited. In fact, I rented a box truck and personally delivered a few skids to a major account after an unavoidable traffic accident sidelined the original truck. After a 5-hour white knuckle drive, I was told it would be a couple hours until they could unload me. Turned out, they were in no hurry at all. The takeaway from all this personal wisdom is to be certain of the consignees' requirements before panicking about production delays and transit times. When you’re sick you call a doctor, in a legal matter you consult a lawyer. The same expertise is just as beneficial when managing your supply chain. If you do not currently have a relationship with a 3PL, think about starting one. It's a tremendous resource, particularly in a time of need. If you do have a current 3PL relationship, here are some tips to make the best of that relationship.

Think Long-Term Commitment

Like in all relationships, when an organization and its 3PL both have committed to mutual success, challenges can be overcome and the relationship can blossom. Service failures are part of our business. When you consider the vast amount of freight that travels thousands of miles across this country every week one must expect it can’t all go right. The true measure of 3PL customer service is how we react to service failures. There are fire alarms daily. A short-term mindset only creates short-term solutions. Your 3PL is invested in the long-term success of your logistics operation, so you should be too. Work together to devise long-term strategies that will improve practices and result in mutual success.

KPI's; A Staple At Land Link Traffic Systems

Many years ago, the founder of Land-Link Traffic Systems Inc. stressed the following. “What does not get measured, does not get fixed”. It would be difficult, if not impossible, for any rational person to repudiate this thought-provoking statement and important underlying principle of business. Yet, many companies do just that. Most companies, in fact, do not have the proper measurements and KPIs in place necessary to drive intelligent business decisions and to serve as support to the policies that are relied upon to drive day to day business activities.

Do not be one of those companies. Land-Link can help you support your business and gain and maintain competitive advantage through effective performance measurements. 

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Should I Get the Corona Virus Vaccine

Posted by Land Link Traffic Systems on Dec 3, 2020 8:25:36 AM

There is significant concern over whether or not to get the Corona vaccine. Indeed, the virus is frightening but there is similar concern over the safety of the vaccine. Health care workers are expected to get a COVID-19 vaccine first. But the speed of vaccine development, and the politicization of the process, has left some doctors and nurses skeptical and reluctant. In fact, nearly 40% of healthcare workers say it's 'not likely' they will get a coronavirus vaccine because they are afraid the vaccine was developed too quickly to be safe.

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Biden's Covid Economic Recovery Plan

Posted by Land Link Traffic Systems on Nov 27, 2020 9:02:34 AM

No one would argue that there is little to be thankful for in 2020. Let’s consider it a bit further. The COVID-19 pandemic has been stressful and isolating for many people. Gatherings during the upcoming holidays can be an opportunity to reconnect with family and friends. But this holiday season, consider how your plans can be modified to reduce the spread of COVID-19 to keep your friends, families, and communities healthy and safe. Looking ahead, let’s examine the Biden economic recovery plan highlights.

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