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Getting Your Workplace Ready for COVID-19

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Major Trucking Company's Bankruptcy May Be the Tip of the Iceberg

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New HOS Tweaks Top The List Of Regulatory Changes Heading Into 2020

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Parcel Deliveries Clogging Up City Streets

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Freight Declines Continue Through September

Economic Health Checkup

UPS Is Granted FAA License

The Disruption of Technology

The Evolution of the Mobile Supply Chain

Get The Most From Your 3PL Relationship

Ongoing Tariff War Demands Shippers Be More Efficient

Be Aware of Cargo Theft Risk Over The Labor Day Weekend

The Future of Transportation

Supply Chain Trends 2019 And Beyond

Possible Recession Suggests The Logistics Industry

Logistics Labor Shortage Is Not Just About Drivers

Automated Vehicle Implementation; Concerns Still Remain

The Logistics Market: What To Expect Into 2020

Retail Vendor Compliance Planning

2019 Freight Rates and Demand Stay Strong

Integrating Robotic Technology in Your Organization

You Can Now Hail A Helicopter From Your Smartphone

Technology Is Transforming Our Business

A Glimpse into the Future of Transportation

Walmart Matches Amazon Announcing Free One-Day Shipping on Many Items

Leveraging Digital Applications To Open New Markets

U.S. / China Tariff And Trade War Rhetoric Continues

Tips to Maximize Your 3PL Relationship

Kroger Introduces Automated Grocery Delivery In Houston

Automated Vehicle Update; Some Hurdles Remain

2019 Freight Outlook; Slowing Growth. Improving Availability.

NASSTRAC and CSCMP introduce the ‘Strategic Shipping Program’

Transportation Management Trends For 2019

Warehouses Are Experiencing a Metamorphosis In Operational Procedures

Using Data to Establish Accurate Pricing and Operational Efficiencies

Additive Manufacturing Is Emerging From Prototypes

The Internet of Things (IoT) is Increasing its Footprint in the Manufacturing and Supply Chain Process

The Big Retailers Relying On Technology

Emerging Supply Chain Trends For 2019

Autonomy Is Taking Over The Warehouse

Uber Freight May Be On Life Support

Big Data And Your Carrier Profile

A Look At Some Logistics Trends For 2019

Government Shutdown: What it Means for Logistics

Connectivity Is Among The Keys To Logistics Of Tomorrow

Trump Tariffs May Be The Catalyst For A Stock Correction

Update: Automation in the Supply Chain

Holiday Cargo Theft Precautions

The Digital Supply Chain Meets The Digital WMS

UPS Warns A Possible Strike As Teamsters Eye Coming Vote

Washington May Be Easing Trucking Regulations

Meeting Supply Chain Expectations

Truckers Considering Demand-Based Pricing

How Technology is Affecting Retail

Blockchain and Smart Contracts are Redefining Commerce and the Supply Chain

Managing Supply Chain Risk

Prepare Your Supply Chain for the Holiday Season

Next Gen Supply Chain: Look to the Cloud

Technologies Reshaping the Global Digital Supply Chain

3-D Printing. What Is It And How Will It Affect Supply Chain Logistics?

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IoT Technology in the Supply Chain and Logistics

Blockchain Technology is Poised to Transform Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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The White House Is Getting Aggressive to Answer the Call for More Qualified Truck Drivers

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A Glimpse into the Future of Transportation

Expedited Transportation: Which Options to Consider and When

Plan for Potential Freight Delays June 5-7

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Keys to Transitioning to A Digital Supply Chain

Economic Indicators and The Role Logistics Plays in The Domestic U.S. Economy

The Coming Evolution of Logistics and Supply Chain Management

The Trump Tariff Plan Explored

Diesel Prices at a 3 Year High

The Coming Evolution of the Digital Supply Chain

Uber Self-Driving Car Strikes and Kills Pedestrian in Arizona

Amazon Could Acquire Toys R Us. On the Surface A Strange Move Back to Brick and Mortar

LTL Market in High Gear Early 2018

Logistics Evolution: Some Interesting Trends

Robots in Logistics and The Warehouse

Walmart Struggling to Keep Pace with Online Retailers

Freight Rates in 2018; What to Expect

Detention is Now a Major Expense Line Item

Managing Rising Transportation Costs

Transportation at Digital Speed

LTL Rates Expected to Rise More Than 5% This Year

The Next Generation Supply Chain: Likely Components

Trump Policies Expected to Benefit the Transportation Industry

Speculation Swirls Amid Rumors of an XPO Logistics Buyout by Home Depot

Some Supply Chain Predictions For 2018

Retailers Look to Technology to Attract Shoppers Back to the Mall

You Want It When? When Standard Delivery Is Not Enough Understand Your Options

Level 5 and Beyond Autonomy in Transportation is Around the Corner

Cargo Theft a Threat Over the Thanksgiving Holiday

The ELD Mandate Deadline Looms Near

Walmart is Testing Replenishment Robots in 50 Stores

Block Chain Technology in the Food Industry

Tunnel Boring for Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Has Been Approved by the State of Maryland

Amazon Looking into Seamless Control from Order to Delivery

Walmart Making Moves to Bolster Service

Company Wants to Embed RFID Chips in Its Employees

What Will Freight Transportation Look Like in 2020 and Beyond?

Toys R Us Debt Service Propels the Toy Giant into Bankruptcy

Hurricane Irma's Potential Effect on Fright Transportation

Harvey Having a Major Impact on National Freight Transportation

Shopping Will Never Be the Same

Supply Chain Trends for the Next Several Quarters

Walmart Denies Bullying its Truckers

Knowing the Rules and Risks for Transporting Hazardous Materials

ATA Forecast Report Points to Continued Future Freight Grow

Walmart's Strategy to Compete With Amazon

Is Walmart Acting Like the Neighborhood Bully?

Trump to Seek Tariff Changes and Tax Equality in NAFTA Revision

Pennsylvania Proposes a Business Use Tax on Warehouses

Amazon-Whole Foods Deal Will Change How You Buy Food Forever

Block Chain Technology and the Logistics Industry

The Jetsons Era May Be Here in New Shopping Malls

Amazon May Have Redesigned the Global Supply Chain Process

Transportation Trends: E-commerce Fulfillment

Robotics and Intelligent Automation Applications in Manufacturing and Logistics

The Evolution of the 3 PL

Final Mile Delivery - the Most Expensive Leg of the Trip

Next-Gen WMS: Innovations on the Horizon

Consider Package Optimization to Streamline Your Supply Chain

Robotics and Technology May Eliminate Jobs and Reduce Salaries

The Science Behind Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous Truck Update: Autonomy No Longer Limited to the Interstate

Rising Fuel Prices Driving Up U.S. Trucking Costs

States Need to Consider Some Public Safety Issues Before Autonomous Vehicle Rollout

UPS Tests Drone from Its Delivery Truck

Expect a "Big Highway Bill" According to V.P. Pence

Safe Food Transportation Legislation Update

President Trump's Withdrawal from the TPP Has Some Executives Concerned

Smart Windshields Seen as the New Ad Billboards

Are Brick & Mortar Stores a Thing of the Past?

What Supply Chain Transformation Means to Supply Chain Executives, COOs and Other Supply Chain Leaders

Some Advantages to Using a 3rd Party Logistics Provider

Amazon is Stretching the Limits of Logistics Imagination

Some Expectations in the Logistics Industry for 2017

Trucking Market Likely To Be Flat Through Early 2018

Tips on Maximizing Your 3PL Experience

Motor Carrier Regulations Will Cost Shippers More

How Technological Innovation is Transforming the Transportation Industry

Autonomous Vehicles in the Warehouse

Deferred, Next day, Same Day or Immediate Delivery

Big Data is Increasingly Critical in 3rd Party Logistics

Texas A&M Designs Truckless, Electric Freight System

Amazon Plans to Expand Grocery Business with Brick and Mortar Stores

New Jersey Turns to a Tax Increase to Replenish the Transportation Trust Fund

Several Industry Factors Pointing Toward Higher Freight Rates

FedEx is Changing the Equation for Dimensional Pricing

Changes to the Standard Bill of Lading and How They May Affect Your Shipments

Uber is Testing Unmanned Vehicles for Autonomous Freight Transportation

Hyperloop Technology May Play a Role in Freight Transportation

Airbnb Is Delving into the Warehouse Leasing Game… Why Not?

Wal-Mart Buys for Expanded E-Commerce Growth to Compete with Amazon

7-Eleven Makes Its First Food Delivery by Drone

The “Always-On” Supply Chain is the Next Generation in Supply Chain Logistics

3 Future Expectations for 3rd Party Logistics

Interstate Highway System Turns 60 This Year… Appearances Aren’t So Deceiving

UPS Expanding Package-Pickup Locker Program

D.O.T. May Legislate Detention Charges

Walmart Could Be the Only Physical Retailer to Survive Amazon

ATA’s Chief Economist Provides Outlook on Freight Economy

Radio Frequency ID Applications in the Workplace

Regulatory Trends in Commercial Transportation

4 Ways to Maximize Transportation Profitability

Logistics News Update: Panama Canal Locks to Officially Open June 2016

Target Playing Hardball With Its Suppliers

More Self-Driving Delivery Applications

Four Strategic Advantages Offered by a 3PL

Daimler Chrysler Unveils the First Recognized Automated Semi Truck in the US

Durable Goods Orders Down in Most Manufacturing Segments

Robots Expected to Fill Unskilled Labor Positions in the Coming Decades

Ports of New York / New Jersey Set Cargo Record for 2015

Current State of the Market for 3PLs and Shippers

House Panel Approves Plan to Privatize Air Traffic Control

Google v.s. Amazon: The Home Delivery Business is Heating Up

The Hyperloop: The Next Generation of Transportation

Utilize Expedited Transportation to Enhance Your Supply Chain

Some Tips on Saving Money on Transportation Services in 2016

The Panama Canal Expansion Is Nearing Completion

Logistics News Update: Wal-Mart’s Business Model Is Being Re-Thought

Amazon and UPS’ Rocky Relationship and Its Impact on Logistics

Beware of the Olive Oil Fraud: Lessons in Food Supply Chains

Is it possible to "Uberize" Freight Transportation?

Cargo Theft Precautions for the Holiday Season

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How to Become a "Preferred Shipper"

Congress is Considering Lowering the Commercial Driving Age to 18

Food Haulers Are Largely Unprepared for Food Safety Modernization Act

Are You Utilizing a Transportation Management System to Maximize Efficiency?

E-Commerce Showdown: Amazon vs. Wal-Mart vs. Target

Emerging Technologies That Will Transform Logistics

The Importance of Accurately Declaring Your Shipment Weight

Supply Chain News: Wal-Mart Leaning on Suppliers in China

The Impact of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles on Logistics

Current and Upcoming Retail Supply Chain Trends

Is a Virtual Currency a Payment Option for Global Commerce?

Logistics News: Wal-Mart's Suppliers Have Had Enough

Supply Chain Outlook for 2016 And Beyond

3D Printing’s Impact on the Transportation Industry

Finding Cost Savings In Your Routing Program

Maximizing LTL Routing Efficiencies

Top 3 Logistics Challenges for Businesses

Logistics News: The Panama Canal Expansion Project Update

The Benefits of Forward Collision Avoidance Systems

What to Look Out For When Analyzing Freight Quotes

Carriers Are Insisting Shippers Be More Accommodating

How 3PL Logistics Companies Reduce Freight Rates

Fedex Ruled to Pay $228 Million to Settle Independent Contractor Case

How to Increase Cargo Safety in the Warehouse and in Transit

Benefits of White Glove Logistics Services for Manufacturers

5 Steps for Successful Partnerships with 3PL Logistics Companies

5 Ways That 3PL Companies Benefit the Manufacturing Industry

Watch Our National Transportation Week Video

Four Signs of a Flawed Supply Chain

Warehouse Operations: 5 Ways to Increase Efficiency and Organization

Newark NJ Mayor Wants to Tax Cargo Containers

Driverless Semi Trucks

What is a 3PL? Selecting the Right 3PL Provider

What's New: Top Transportation and Logistics Outlooks for 2015

The West Coast Ports Strike - After The Dust Cleared

Welcome to our New and Improved Blog, Linking Logistics!

West Coast Ports Reach Tentative Agreement With Labor

Self-Driving Trucks a Reality in the Next Decade

Labor Pains in the Transportation Industry

Steps Shippers Can Take to Become "Trucker Friendly"

Managing the Driver Shortage from a Shippers Perspective

PierPass Free-Flow Program Speeds Cargo Through LA & Long Beach Ports

Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP)

Court Rules Fed Ex Ground drivers are not Independent Contractors

5 Reasons to hire a 3PL

Cargo theft summary for 2013

4.3 Billion Investment in the Ports of NY & NJ

Fed Ex and UPS instituting dimensional weight pricing for ground packages

West Coast Truck Driver on Strike

How Supply Chain Management Companies Increase Efficiencies

Questionable Standards for NY & NJ Bridge Inspections

New Century Transport Files for Bankruptcy Protection

What's your plan for the looming West Coast port strike?

LTL Carriers Using Dimensional Scanners to Improve Pricing Accuracy

Freight Bill Auditing Service

Work Stoppages Looming at West Coast Ports

Important Facts About Freight Bill Auditing

Downturn in Container Shipping Looms

Rebuilding our Infrastructure; the Goethals Bridge

Rebuilding our Infrastructure; The Bayonne Bridge

Bill Would Fund Freight Movement Infrastructure

The Deteriorating Ports of NJ/NY

Could autonomous vehicles solve the hours of service issue

Lost hours of driving time cost shippers more than money

How do you feel about driver shortage?

This past weekend the transportation industry received a big surprise!

The Suez Canal Meets the Wild West

Raise the Bridge or Lower the River?

Widening the Panama Canal

How does your company select the freight carrier to move your product?